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Club Night 18/7/18

July 19, 2018

Welcome one and all to the blog. Busy old night it was too. Had 16 players all ready to ply their trade. Here is a flavour of what was played.

I kicked off on my Yahaha Silent guitar which accompanied me in a self penned song 'Lazy Day''.

Don plus two guitars gave 'Wear it well" plus a tasty tune in open GM tuning. One I havn't tried but certainly will. Don also gave us  an old standard 'Delilah'. Version by Martin Simpson worth a listen.

Looming time pressure was realised early so we went into two songsmode only which Richard and Ronnie (R&R) provided with the theme of misogyny at the forefront. 'He's got a way with women' was one and the cheeky 'Moodswing' was another.

Our crooning Kiwi gave us 'Travelling Light' in honour of Sir Cliff's damages payout and 'I love you because'.

Aidan minus Vicky was in fine fettle armed with two instruments and gave us 'Paddy's Green' and 'Shamrock Shore' (An Irish song I'm told) and a couple of instrumentals one being Lord Inchin the other being I don't remember.

Polly minus autoharp gave us 'Two Constant Lovers' Look out for a fine version by 'Kevin Dempsey' and my personal fave Bruce Springsteen song 'Dancing in the Dark'. Polly delivers this in a very gentle sensitve way. Lovely.

Next the antithesis of gentle and sensitive came Ted and Anne apart from Anne's flute playing of course. They played us a few slip jig in 9/8 time we were informed and finished with an old Cross Dressing folk song. Honest !!

Dave, bereft of six strings this week gave us a Loretta Lynne song tastily sung by Carole and 'Streets of Baltimore'. A very strong country flavour from Dave tonight.

Sunrise ascended to the stage and gave us Donavan's 'Try for the Sun' and Cat Steven's 'Wild World'

Charlie was next up for it and gave us 'Don't Look Back in anger' amd 'Memories of the Few' One of Charlie's own.

GT was next with tonsils at the ready and sang us 'Ring of Bright Water' from the programme 'It ain't Half Otter Mum' and Alison Krauss's 'Lucky One'

Electric Graham went for a bit of Rod the Mod with 'Tonights the Night' and 'Wide Eyed and Legless' which was what the audiece sounded like when they joined in .

Along came the Silver Fox, Ralphless tonight but slipped in Dylan's 'Make you feel my love' and 'Miss you nights', another nod to our Cliff.

Paul gave us Ben and one other. I had nipped out for a Gypsies Kiss so missed the song . Sorry Paul.

Stefan was next, and of course gave us a Jake Thackery song, 'One Eyed Isaac' and a tasty little song called 'Cool Cool Rain'

'The Bard of Beddington gave us' Wally's Song' and 'A Lament for a mobile Phone' all delivered in the Bard's own way.

The first set ended here and we went round again doing one more song. We couldn't fit in everyone but we tried. Where I have been remiss in remembering all the songs please refer to Welsh Dave's most excellent videos of the evening, it's all there warts and all. Thanks again to Dave for taking the time.

The self penners were out in force:




The Bard of Beddington

Richard and Ronnie

Good performances, good songs and a good evening. Thanks to everyone for making it so.

Reg Meuross is at Ted and Anne's Folk club next Thursday 26th at the Change of Horses pub in Farnborough Village. Reg is excellent !!

See you soon