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Club Night 18th December 19

December 19, 2019

Welcome to the blog. I was expecting a quiet night but ended up with 40 people. We had 15 'acts' so we had to move proceedings pretty quickley to fit everyone in. Thanks to those who voluntarily took a cut in songs when things got a tad tight. Much appreciated. Here's an overview of the evening. See Dave's videos of the evening on the website.

Diamond Neil was in the graveyard slot a kicked off with Heart of New York, followed by the full compliment of Sunrise who gave a bit of Cat Stevens and Donavan.

On came Richard who slipped in a few xmas numbers including Silent Night.

The Picking Silver Fox gave us John Denver and a bit of Cliff no less.

Good to see Ted and Anne with their foot tapping set. Plenty of jigs and the sing along 'I'll tell me Ma.

A Lime Meadow virgin in the shape of Mandy who comes from Glastonbury. Good to see her dogs as well. Played the blues and Harmonica, loved 'Miniture Hot Dog Blues. Welcome anytime Mandy.

Paul gave a reveiw of some of his faves of 2019 which included Someone you love. Always a good measured performance from Paul.

Next came Alan and Jimmy with some good song and ace fiddle playing. Love to hear more fiddle playing at Lime Meadow. Enjoyed the spoof Leonard Cohen song.

On came Les with more of his well crafted self penned songs one being a moving tribute to his Dad and another called Stay around with you.

I slipped Cross Eyed Lady in and slipped off pretty smartish due the old enemy time. Sorry, the Gorilla story will have to wait.

On came Don with some more excellent songs and picking. He gave an xmas song and I particularly liked Heart and Soul'

Moving swiftly on to GT with his fave xmas song 'Have a merry little xmas' and two songs with winter in the title. Ecellent !

The Bard of Beddington saw the time constraints and offerred to do just a poem, Christmas Bloody Christmas ! and bloody good it was too !!

The Pluto Swint Trio were in fine festive fettle,(love an aliteration). bedecked in xmas apparell. We had a bit of Nitty Gritty Dirt Band and a song about Alabama. Didn't the name of the other artiste.

Next were a pair of Lime Meadow virgins Steve and Steve who are known as Dr Slideshow. What an act all bells and whistles and washboards and had a look for a kitchen sink. The wrote their own stuff as well.

Last and certainly not least we had our own scratch trio of Shy Eddie, Electric Graham and Geoff. They really rocked and we had Johnny be good, Silver lining It's a kind of Magic and I saw her standing there. Really got everyone going. Xmas shirts were also great. Thanks lads that really finished the evening a treat !!

Self Penned:







Steve and Steve

A record for Lime Meadow in one night me thinks.

Thanks all for coming and sorry about the rush but everyone got to play.

Next Club night is 8th January 2020 !!