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Club Night 15th April 15

April 16, 2015

It was so good to see a healthy audience. I thought we might be a tad light on numbers after our Friday night extravaganza. Thanks for coming !

I kicked off with a song written by Ron Elliott which I heard by Leo Kottke. As I said last night Kottke is an amazing guitarist and is a rare master of the 12 string guitar as well as six.

Banjo Alex(with banjo) was next up. Among others he gave us 'Walk the Line' and a cracking version of of 'Oh Susanna', of course on Banjo and rhythm section.

A Lime Meadow virgin was next up to the oche. We will call him Tony New as he was one of three Tonys this evening. Tony gave us a song called 'Muddy Waters'  a Hank Williams number and a folksy 'Poor Wayfaring Stranger,' I loved Tony's wit and honesty. He gave us a running commentary throughout his set with cries of "I've missed a chord" or I've missed a verse, I'll do it now. The best for me was when he tells us he played the song in the wrong key !! Love it. Hope to see you again Tony.

Dave was up next, (could becoming a regular).We had Johnny Cash, Bob Dylan and a very moody "Nobody's fault but mine". I particularly enjoyed a thoughtful version of Blacks 'Wonderful Life'.

Next up was Aiden and Vicky fresh from a good set on Friday. Off they went with Jigs, Reels and Hornpipes. I am not an aficianado of this music and will look up by next club night, the difference between  the above. We all sang along to 'Last thing on my mind' and they finished with an illicitly gained song. I asked Vicky the name of the song, which I wrote down, and now can't read my own writing. I'm hopeless I know.

Tony GT gave us a very powerful 'Highwayman' and then Long John Baldry's standard 'Let the Heartaches Begin' Long John was originally a Blues singer before turning to popular ballads. He was also the voice of Dr Robotnick in The Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog.

Another standard followed with Mike Nesmith's 'Rio' and to continue the Monkee connection we had the Boyce and Hart song 'I Wanna be Free'. Tony really worked his number on this one. Excellent.

Up Yours Tony, the third Tony of the evening, gave us three new songs delivered in Tony's droll and entertaining way. Tony is a really good wordsmith and seems able to write a song on any subject.  One of his songs was about a massage parlour in Croydon. He added,  too quickly for me, that it was not about himself.

Dean was next. I look forward to Dean's fingerstyle and I also appreciate his thoughtful self penned songs. Anyone who begins a song with the riff C Am F G7 has my vote ! Nice set Dean.

Texas Don was in fine form again and gave us 'Good Time Charely's got the Blues,' then a bitter song to the record industry and a Calypso!. Don also sang the vocals on 'Peaceful Easy Feeling' with Neil and Carsick.

I engineered the Evening to give Neil and Carsick a decent set. They so often only have time to squeeze in one or two songs. The gave us a bit of Stealers Wheel 'Everyday' by the Everly Brothers, (drinks Everly and smokes Everly) and a really good version of 'Fool on the Hill'.

The evening was over and I really enjoyed it. Don't forget the Fun Day on May 4th. All in aid of cancer charities.

See you in two weeks